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Meet the Miller Hall Staff

Alys Dutton, Resident Assistant - Miller 317

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Year/Major: junior, Creative Writing major

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Favorite thing about Hiram: The best thing about Hiram is its flexibility. Students with big ideas and grand ambition are given the resources to change the culture of their living space and to do something meaningful as an underclassman. Succeeding at Hiram is about skill, not seniority. There are so many opportunities here--to work as an RA or have scientific research published in your sophomore year, to start and lead a club as a freshman, to be an activist and see real change. It's your Hiram, my Hiram, and I love that.


I'm a creative writing major and religious studies minor with too much on her plate and not enough time to do it all. This is my third year living on Third Miller and my second serving as RA--the best floor on campus! Currently I'm a reader for the Hiram Poetry Review, president of the rock climbing club, a varsity cross country runner and recruiter, and a dedicated, if somewhat hapless, member of the Vegetarian Co-op, PRSYM, and Women's Choir. My passions include singing, shouting, turning cartwheels, and eating macaroni and cheese. You can find me during break with my two cats in Chicago, IL.



Allison Fox, Resident Assistant - Miller 417

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Year/Major: senior, Biomedical Humanities major

Hometown: Solon, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: My favorite thing about Hiram is how accepting everyone is. Even if you came from a place where you were considered strange or an outcast, you can do anything at Hiram and you are recognized only for your strengths.

I am a senior biomedical humanities major. I graduated from Solon High School in 2010. At Hiram, I have sung in the choir, acted in some of the theatrical productions, wrote a play about autism, participated in Relay for Life, rugby, PRYSM and Student Senate, and was secretary of Medicus. During my freshman year, I volunteered at Garfield High School in Garrettsville to tutor high-school students and assist them in passing the Ohio Graduation Test. For the past two summers, I volunteered at Camp Sunshine of Aurora to help learners with special needs. Last summer I researched at NEOMED and with a YSU professor in education. This year I will be an Orientation Leader, a tutor, a teaching assistant, a resident assistant and an admissions navigator. During my senior year, I am looking forward to hearing back from medical schools and having some free time to watch movies and go out for dinner.



Jill Kramer, Resident Assistant - Miller 217

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Year/Major: senior, English major

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: I have learned a lot from the faculty here and couldn't imagine having better professors!

I am a senior this year which is really hard for me to believe! When I graduate I want to find work that requires me to travel.

For now, I work on campus as an RA, part of the Welcome Center Staff, a Writing Center tutor, and Career Development Student Assistant. I am also currently interning with the Scott Hamilton CARES Initiative at the Cleveland Clinic Taussig Cancer Center.



Bobby Noel, Resident Assistant - Miller 303


Year/Major: senior, Music major

Hometown: Struthers, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: My favorite thing about Hiram would have to be that you get to know everyone real quick. Usually by the second of third week of classes, everyone knows your name if you put yourself out there. If you don't they will come find you and make sure they know who you are. You never get the chance to fall through the cracks.

I am a Music major as well as an Educational Studies minors. I am the co-President of Terrier Sound Marching Band, member of the Kennedy Center Programming Board, as well as many other leadership roles. You can see me just about anywhere around campus like the Welcome Center or in a practice room in the music building. I love being an RA because I have the opportunity to make someone’s day about 50 times in 24 hours. I love setting a good example for my residents and encouraging them to one day become an active leader on campus like myself.



Larken Winterwood, Resident Assistant - Miller 203

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Year/Major: sophomore, Electronic Media & Business major

Hometown: Columbus, OH

Favorite thing about Hiram: The best part of Hiram is certainly the student body. We have a strong community, and are all here to support each other. Here is a group of people found nowhere else in the world. And that's something to be proud of.


After taking a year off of school, I came to Hiram because of the strong close knit community that it fosters. I became an RA in my second year because I wanted to have an even more integrated role in student leadership and community building. I currently work as Lab Administrator for the Dray Computer Center on campus and Peer-Coordinator for the Connect 2 Complete program. Much of my time is spent gearing up for the grand re-opening of Hiram's student run radio station, WHRM: "The Worm". 

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