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Our Staff

The Office of Residential Education at Hiram College is dedicated to providing best possible staff to serve our students. Our staff comes from many different experiences and offers multiple talents to enrich and foster our strong residential communities. This portion of our site is here to help educate about our staff and how they can serve you!

Main Office Staff

Mike Corr
Sr. Assoc. Dean of Students & Director of Housing
Heather Eaves
Assistant Director
Ashley Durst 
Administrative Assistant

Halls Staff

Hall Staff Member Ext. Room
The Quad  AHD – Tracy Wildermuth    Office x5481  
Peckham Alyssa Lobaugh   282 Peckham 
  Sharnice Fitzpatrick   385 Peckham 
  Jenna Nelson   490 Peckham
Dean  Erica Eubank   176 Dean 
  Jake Savel   264 Dean
  Martinique Mims   364 Dean  
  Alex Fakhoury   474 Dean
Agler Logan Brewer   190 Peckham
New Quad Shirjoma Jacobs   New Quad
Booth-Centennial & East  AHD – Heather Eaves Office x5679    
Booth  Mike Gatta    091 Booth    
  Natasa Zivak   143 Booth 
  Manpreet Grewal   232 Booth
  Julia Fabich   253 Booth
Centennial Taylor Martin   013 Cent
  Courtney Bukach   118 Cent   
  Faith Lemon   205 Cent
  Abby Staysa   229 Cent
East Sarah Todd   210F East
  Jeremy Staley   230D East
  Kaitlin Ruszkowski   310F East
  Teresa Lash   350F
Miller/Whitcomb/Bowler   AHD – Emilee Yormick Office x5777  
Miller  Larken Winterwood   203 Miller 
  Jill Kramer   217 Miller
  Bobby Noel   303 Miller
  Alys Dutton     317 Miller  
  Allison Fox   417 Miller 
Whitcomb Rebecca Greenhouse   204 Whitcomb
  Shane Young   215 Whitcomb
  Emily Moore   304 Whitcomb
  Ryan Neldon   315 Whitcomb 
  Dragana Zivak   414 Whitcomb
Bowler Joshua Turner   126 Bowler
  Robin Singlton   210 Bowler    
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