The pricing for graduate studies is competitive: less than many private schools and comparable to larger public universities. Consider Hiram's costs compared to other representative colleges and universities in Northeast Ohio.

Tuition & Fees


Hiram College

Private College A

Private College B

Public University

Tuition (per credit hour)





Additional Fees

$125 per semester




At Hiram, students with employer reimbursement programs may request tuition deferment for $50 per semester, and all students may enroll in an optional payment plan for $37.50 per semester.

*Additional fees per course or per semester are common at other colleges and will add hundreds of dollars to the cost of attendance. Examples include:

  • Orientation
  • Adding or dropping courses
  • Graduation
  • Late registration
  • On-campus parking
  • Using the recreation and fitness center

The Office of Graduate Studies at Hiram College does not charge for these services but rather charges a comprehensive fee of $125 per semester.

Graduate students are eligible for Federal and State Financial Aid programs.

Office of Student Financial Aid

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

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