Selected Speeches and Writings

Northeast Ohio's Bragging Rights

In a published op-ed piece co-authored with Paul Dolan, President Chema highlights some of the great things about Northeast Ohio and encourages everyone to get behind the College 360 program.

Achieving Greatness

In a speech given to the City Club of Cleveland on May 6, 2005, President Chema announced the creation of College 360, a consortium of Northeast Ohio colleges intent on keeping the area's best and brightest in the region.  "What College 360 is proposing is the region's first comprehensive brain gain strategy targeted at young adults," Chema said.  "The goal is three-pronged: to enroll, engage and ultimately employ more young adults here in Northeast Ohio."

Higher Education Needs Financial Support, Not Overzealous Classroom Regulation

President Chema wrote an op-ed piece published in several papers highlighting the fact that the real crisis in higher education today is not ideological -- it is financial.

The Higher Education Act

In a published op-ed piece, President Chema highlights the decline in federal funding to higher education.  "Part of the problem is the lack of federal support for higher education," Chema writes.  "Every five years since 1965, Congress has reauthorized the Higher Education Act's funding of loans, grants, and other programs for college students.  Recently, this federal student aid has fallen short, imperiling the nation's competitive need for producing more college-educated citizens."

Inaugural Address: A Strong Mark For Good Upon Our Time

Thomas V. Chema was inaugurated as Hiram's 21st President on September 23, 2004.   In his inaugural address he said, "As president, I feel a deep sense of obligation to be true to the spirit that first breathed life into this remarkable institution. But after 15 months on the job, I am more mindful than ever of an observation made by a presidential colleague: it is in the office of the president where institutional history and tradition collide head-on with the forces of change."

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