Pre-Orientation Checklist

This check-list is a guide for many of the things you need to do and know prior to your Orientation visit. Please keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive. Please carefully read all materials you receive from Hiram.

Register for Orientation

You must register for Orientation. There are four dates available from which to choose, please use this Registration Form to register online.

Online Placement Test

Placement Tests must be taken online at least one week prior to attending any Orientation session.

Pre-Orientation Advising Preparation

Review the Academic Advising Preparation Website prior to attending Orientation. This website will help you prepare for your course scheduling appointment, which takes place during Orientation. Learn more about Hiram's academic programs; investigate academic majors and programs of interest to you. Review Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3, then fill out your First Semester Course Selection for New Students Form.

Immunization Record/Health History Forms

Three forms are required for all entering students. These forms are available online. You must complete the forms and return them, via U.S. mail, directly to the Julia Church Health Center, PO Box 67, Hiram, OH 44234. Please contact the Health Center at 330-569-5418 if you have any questions, or to schedule an appointment.

1) Health Record, Consent & Release form

 2) Physical Exam form

 3) Meningococcal Disease form 

Activate Hiram E-mail

Approximately a week to 10 days before your orientation session, you will be sent instructions and passwords for setting up your Hiram e-mail to the e-mail account you listed on your orientation registration form. Instructions can also be found in Using your E-mail section of the online Hiram College Helpdesk


Make Arrangements for Accommodations (if necessary)

The Historic Hiram Inn located on Hiram's campus is perfect for an overnight stay for those orientation attendees who may be coming from a distance.

Make Arrangements for Lunch (if necessary)

Students and Families are welcome to experience the Hiram Dining Hall after the morning session or before the afternoon session.  Buy one, one get one free coupons sent with orientation confirmation e-mails can be used.


What to Bring to Orientation

Driver's License or other Photo ID

At check-in, you will need to present a valid driver's license with photo, valid state ID with photo, Passport, or military ID.

Writing Utensils and Notebook

Throughout the program, you may need to complete forms and you may also want to write notes for yourself for asking questions later.

Comfortable walking shoes, light jacket/sweatshirt and umbrella

While most programs and events are conveniently located in buildings close to parking, please be prepared to do some walking. Temperatures and climates in some buildings may vary slightly. Weather in Hiram often produces a shower or two; it's best to be prepared.

Positive Attitude!

This is an exciting time and everyone at Hiram is looking forward to your visit!

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