Student Senate

Hi Everyone,

On behalf of Student Senate, welcome to our webpage. Let us share with you what we are all about. Hiram College is its own small community. It encourages students to be active in their four years here. We meet in the East Hall Forum on Tuesday nights at 7pm. Please come have your voice heard.

In the beginning of the fall, anyone can decide to run for Student Senate, and they get elected by their constituents. These representatives, during the whole year, work hard to make students happy and benefit the college. Student Senate interacts not only with students, but faculty and staff.

We want you to be a part of Hiram College's outstanding student community, and truly make it your own. Your experience here depends on you, but we'll help you as much as we can to find your niche. Hiram will be for you what you make it; it's our goal to make it the best and most memorable four years of your life. Welcome again and thanks for stopping by.


Your Senate Officers

Shane Young, President

Jessica Lenoir, Vice President of Administration

Nikki Pueyosvoboda, Vice President of Finance

Kali Stover, Vice President of Activities

Samantha Martinek, Vice President of Communication

Student Senate Officer Board 2013-2014

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Alex Ulbricht

Director of Campus Involvement

Kennedy Center
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