Greek Social Clubs

The Greek Social Clubs offer another way to become involved socially on campus. Starting in the 1940s, these groups were responsible for the discussion of ideas, areas of independent study, and even the purchasing of the library's books. Today, local chapters have immersed from this early history and provide programming for the student body along with community service projects each semester. Greek Social Clubs are governed by Hiram College Greek Council and the Office of Campus Involvement.

Delta Chi Lambda

Purpose: The Greek Social club Delta Chi Lambda is an organization dedicated to sisterhood, service, and campus involvement. Members of Delta Chi Lambda have a reputation for being involved and sometimes over-involved on Hiram’s campus. Delta Chi Lambda prides itself on having tight, fun, sisterly bonds. Delta Chi Lambda members, also called the Lady Lambdas, love wearing their sorority colors of blue and green and enjoy hanging out with their Greek brothers, the men of Lambda Lambda Lambda.

Some activities that Delta Chi Lambda has been famous for in the past and present include: The Crush Party, The “Pooloolza” Pool Party, Breast Cancer Awareness week events, Bonding at the Bonfire s’more night, clothing drives, food drives, and various community service outings. The Lady Lambdas plan to incorporate service activities and relax in their newly finished clubroom in the coming year, and they will continue to live out their motto, always “Keepin’ It Classy.”

Meeting Info: Monthly

Greek Council

Purpose: Greek Council is the governing body of all Greeks and Greek Organizations of Hiram College, and to interpret their needs and concerns to the administration and faculty of the college. Greek Council’s primary concern is the encourage all of the Greek clubs to work together in an effort to prompt a positive campus atmosphere. 

Meeting Info: Weekly


Kappa Sigma Pi

Purpose: The purpose of Kappa Sigma Pi Fraternity is to develop discipline and brotherhood through bonding exercises and activities. Also to promote growth with ourselves and our sisterhood Phi Kappa Chi.

Meeting Info: Weekly


Lambda Lambda Lamda

Purpose: Lambda Lambda Lambda is the male brother group to Delta Chi Lambda.  The group has been in existence at Hiram for roughly 10 years.  Lambda men represent a diverse group of Hiram men are looking to grow their group over the next few years with new and incoming students.

Meeting: Every other week


Phi Beta Gamma

Purpose: Phi Beta Gamma, established in 1941, is a unique local sorority that is made up of many different personalities. Often referred to as "the Betas," they do service events as well as co-sponsor many parties with other organizations. The Betas hold bi-weekly meetings and have group get-togethers as often as possible. Their motto is, "Individually unique, Together complete."

Meeting: Every other week


Phi Gamma Epsilon

Purpose: As Hiram’s oldest Greek social club the men of Phi Gamma Epsilon have established bonds from century to century. Whether you are a new student to Hiram and or someone considering joining in your senior year the men of Phi Gamma Epsilon will make it their goal to welcome you and give you that sense of community and home that some may miss in the journey of college life.

The men of Phi Gamma Epsilon (also known as the “Phi Gams”) are known to be a collective group of various personalities that when brought together are an ideal good time and/or at least a conversation starter. The Phi Gams hold large events with their sorority sisters, the ladies of  Phi Beta Gamma (“the Betas”); as a local fraternity and sorority we share social events like The Funky Formal, Toga, and many more. But beyond the social life the Phi Gams support one another in academia and in any of life’s challenges. A family-like community is held together with weekly meetings, “family” dinners, and connections that stand the test of time. When you become a Phi Gam, you are always a Phi Gam. This idea is practiced heavily as we have an annual Spaghetti dinner with our alumni who have graduated from Hiram but will always be referred to as Brother. As they walk on campus boasting their colors of black and yellow that unite them with one another they are not scared to show their pride in being a man of Phi Gamma Epsilon.

Meeting Info: Weekly

Phi Kappa Chi

Purpose: The club was organized for the purpose of the members to join together in friendship.  One of the symbols of Phi Kappa chi is the seven point star which represents qualities expected of the members of the sisterhood which are: friendship, honor, purity, truth, promise, constancy, and helpfulness. Our motto is “I am my sister’s keeper”. This sisterhood is very involved including being in other organizations and sports. Even though we are busy students we still find time to be together.

Meeting Info: Weekly
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