Campus Programming

Kennedy Center Programming Board (KCPB)

Purpose: To provide the campus with different programs to keep the campus involved.

The Kennedy Center Programming Board (KCPB) is the campus activities programming board at Hiram College that provides a variety of educational, social, recreational and cultural programs. As a subgroup of Hiram College Student Senate, its members are dedicated to the college and work hard to present diverse activities for the whole campus community to enjoy. KCPB events are free for all traditional and weekend college students, and include large events such as Homecoming and Springfest. Their meetings are Monday nights at 7:00 pm in their Kennedy Center office.

Meeting Info: Mondays at 7:00 pm

TASC Force (Terriers Actions for Smart Choices)

Purpose: The goal of the TASC Force is to offer students late night, weekend programs that support other options than drinking and partying on the weekends. We also work to educate students on the consequences of their choices in their social life as well as their futures.

Meeting Info: Monthly

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Alex Ulbricht

Director of Campus Involvement

Kennedy Center