Related Courses

Course Name and NumberInstructor

BIMD 18100: Global Health Issues

Steven Merrill

BIMD 185100: Radical Life Extension

Erin Lamb

BIMD 38000: Stories Illness and Healing

Sarah Berry

BIMD 38000: Culture of Medicine

Sarah Berry

BIMD 61000: Service in Health Care Setting I

Colleen Fried

COMM 22300: Family Communication

Jodi Hupp

COMM 35400: Intercultural Healthcare Communication

Xinlu Yu

EDUC 25300: Reading/Writing Children's Literature

Roxanne Sorrick

EDUC 28000: Childhood in Hispaniola

Jennifer McCreight

EDUC 29100: Experiences in Environmental Education

Matthew Sorrick

EDUC 31300: Teaching/Supervising Writing

Jeffrey Swenson

EDUC 34000: Classroom Management Roxanne Sorrick
EDUC 34200: Assessment for Learning Roxanne Sorrick
EDUC 36100: Teaching Reading in Content Area Jennifer Miller
EDUC 36400: Early Childhood Literacy Jennifer McCreight
EDUC 37200: Literacy Across Content Area Jennifer Miller
EDUC 37900: Mid Grades Philosophy and Organization Jennifer Miller
EDUC 38400: Methods for Teaching Science Matthew Sorrick
EDUC 38700: Pedagogy and Instruction Kelly Lewis
EDUC 43200: Student Teaching: Early Childhood Kathleen Maretka
EDUC 43300: Student Teaching: Middle School Kathleen Maretka
EDUC 43800: Student Teaching Adol/Young Adlt Kathleen Maretka
EDUC 44600: Student Teaching Seminar Kathleen Maretka
EDUC 60100: Teacher License Policies/Proced Kathleen Maretka
ETH 27200: Ethical Thinking: ES Colin Anderson
FRCL 10101: Who is a Person? Colin Anderson
FRCL 10101: Soc. of Sex, Love, Relationship Anisi Daniels Smith
FRCL 10101: Pros and Cons of Immortality  Carol Donley
INTD 22500: Humans and the Environment: ES Michael Benedict
INTD 30120: Aging, Sex and the Body Erin Lamb
NURS 33000: Clinical 1-Pediatric Nursing Catherine Schoenewal
NURS 33000: Clinical 2-Pediatric Nursing Kathy Dotterer
NURS 33000: Clinical 3-Pediatric Nursing TBA Staff
NURS 33000: Clinical 4-Pediatric Nursing Carrie Christian
NURS 34000: Parent and Newborn Nursing with Clinical Dorothy Van Poppel Ray
NURS 34000: Clinical 1-Parent and Newborn Nursing Marcie Niemi
NURS 34000: Clinical 2 - Parent and Newborn Nursing Cindie Russell
NURS 34000: Clinical 3 - Parent and Newborn Nursing Sarah Farney
NURS 34000: Clinical 4- Parent and Newborn Nursing Connie Thompson
NURS 34000: Clinical 5 - Parent and Newborn Nursing Sarah Farney
NURS 42000: Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing with Clinical Andrea Warner
NURS 42000: Clinical 1 - Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Andrea Warner
NURS 42000: Clinical 2 - Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Mary Kiefer
NURS 42000: Clinical 3 - Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Susan Rummell
NURS 42000: Clinical 4 - Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Mary Kiefer
PHIL 47000: Heidegger: Being and Time Megan Altman
PSYCH 25000: Development Across the Life Span Jamie Shuster
SOAN 35410: Sociology of Age, Aging & Life Robin Shura
SOAN 38000: Human Behavior & Environment Debbie Kasper
STDV 60200: International Student Transitions Nicole Gatrell
STDV 60500: Successful Transitions Michael Corr
WSEM 10201: Current Socioeconomic Issues and Problems Luis Brunstein
WSEM 10201: The Human Body in Art Lisa Safford
WSEM 10201: Dangerous Youth Jeanne Dutton
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