Faculty & Staff

The Center functions through the talented faculty and staff running it.

Brad Goodner

Professor of biology, Center Director
Interests: genetics, molecular and cellular biology, genomics, bioinformatics, and microbiology

Cara Constance

Assistant professor of biology
Interests: molecular and cellular biology, genetics and neuroscience

Valerie Gilbert

Laboratory teaching assistant

Nick Hirsch

Associate professor of biology
Interests: developmental biology and neuroscience

Brittany Jackson

Assistant Director of the Center

Interests: theatre and literature

Tom Koehnle

Assistant professor of biology

Louis Oliphant

Assistant professor of computer science
Interests: Machine learning, information extraction, computer assisted medical diagnosis, and artificial intelligence.

Carol Shreiner

Assistant professor of chemistry (serves nursing)
Interests: macromolecular design and synthesis, microwave-enhanced synthesis, synthetic organic chemistry

Mark Taylor

Associate professor of physics
Interests: polymer plastics

Ellen Walker

Professor of computer science
Interests: Artificial intelligence, bioinformatics

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