What Makes the Center Distinctive?

You Learn Because You're Doing It

The Center for Deciphering Life's Languages involves students (including high school students) in research projects, teaching basic scientific principles. This also fosters students' excitement about their education and encourages research experiences beyond the classroom.

Original research is built into undergraduate courses, including student involvement in cutting-edge genomics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, and microbiology.

The Center for Deciphering Life's Languages adds value to your education in numerous ways:

  • Leadership through national efforts to involve undergraduates and high school students in genomics and bioinformatics research
  • Outreach to regional high schools through genomics research
  • Annual symposium bringing together outside experts and Hiram-led local research efforts
  • Minors in bioinformatics and computational biology
  • Summer research opportunities
  • The summer Genomics Academy for outstanding high school students

The Vision

  • First-year genomics experience for all entering Hiram College students.
  • Propose to other liberal arts colleges a collaboration on a research project done completely by undergraduates and high school students
  • Bolster the staff in other ways that will support the Center in order to continue to support the biochemistry major, add minors in bioinformatics, computational biology, and mathematical modeling
  • Encourage expansion of summer research to other disciplines
  • Further improve the College's science facilities
  • Work with the Center for Literature and Medicine, and the Center for the Study of Nature and Society to further strengthen all educational opportunities in the life sciences
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This Center has several areas of distinction:

  • National recognition for undergraduate involvement in genomics and bioinformatics and other novel research.
  • Center and faculty recipients of numerous research grants
  • Strong outreach to area high school students through collaborative academic year research projects and in the summer through the Hiram Genomic Academy and the new Hiram Robotics Academy