Faculty Engagement

Faculty development is of major importance to guarantee the success of any educational innovation. Faculty have invitations to develop courses, participate in internships, and attend workshops

Course Development

Funds are available to support the integration of entrepreneurship by revising an existing course or developing a new course.  Colloquia, First Year Seminars, Interdisciplinary Courses and Discipline Based Courses.

For more information, contact Kay F. Molkentin at .


Being matched with an entrepreneur for one month could provide a better understanding of the application of a liberal arts degree, improve the ability to advise students as they contemplate alternative career paths, provide case examples for courses, aid in the development of more open teaching pedagogy, and/or provide a better understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

For more information, contact Kay F. Molkentin at .


A major component of the Morgan-Kauffman grant supporting faculty and staff development is a one-week workshop offered shortly after graduation.

The relationship between a liberal arts education and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset will be explored during the workshop.  We will talk about the content and pedagogy of teaching entrepreneurship as well as explore how we can better encourage the development of intellectual curiosity, a passion for excellence, and a commitment to ethical citizenship in all of our students.


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