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Lakeland Community College partnership

The Weekend College has always sought to embrace and enhance our relationships with local community colleges.

For years we have had a good working relationship with Lakeland Community College where their graduates have seamlessly transferred to Hiram to earn their bachelors degree.  For some of their students that process took as few as eighteen months. 

We continue this process through our University Partnership with Lorain County Community College (LCCC).  The program is designed so that 50 percent of this partnership is LCCC coursework, and the final 50 percent is Hiram College coursework.  Hiram College courses are taught by Hiram College faculty either in person or via distance learning. Hiram is currently offering an Accounting and Financial Management degree at the LCCC campus through this partnership. 

Hiram also has a partnership with Cuyahoga County Community College (Tri-C) and offers bachelors completion programs in Accounting and Financial Management and Business Management. These programs are designed so that 57 percent of the partnership is Tri-C coursework and 43% is Hiram College coursework. Students can complete the entire bachelors degree without leaving the Tri-C campus.

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