Laura Collins


Associate Director of the J.H. Barrow Field Station

Hiram College (Biology and Psychobiology), B.A.

(330) 527-2141
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Current Responsibilities

I am responsible for coordinating care of the animal collection at the Field Station, which includes establishing and monitoring husbandry protocols as well as supervising overall care of the animals. Additionally, I train students how to care and work with animals, including the proper husbandry of the waterfowl species at the field station.

Past Experience

For 4 years I was the Curator of Mammals and Birds at Six Flags Worlds of Adventure in Aurora, Ohio. While in that position I was responsible for the operation of the Mammals & Aviculture departments. I monitored facilities, animal health, and veterinary care of all mammal and bird species in the park.

For approximately 15 years I worked at SeaWorld in Aurora, Ohio. I worked in many different capacities while I was employeed there, including Animal Care Specialist, Supervisor of Birds, and Curator of Birds. Some of my responibilities were avian care and health, display, breeding, and animal acquisition. I routinely worked with various species of waterfowl, softbills, psittacines, and penguins. My experience also included hand-rearing penguins and working daily with many marine mammals, such as bottlenose dolphins, harbor seals, sea lions, walrus, beluga whales, and otters.

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