Tuition Guarantee

On average in the last decade or so, tuition has risen about 6 or 7 percent a year, for any institution. With our Tuition Guarantee, that number drops to zero.

Enroll, and the amount you pay in tuition and fees in your first year, second year, third year and fourth year remains the same. Take a semester off and it still doesn’t move.

Say a typical out-of-pocket total cost after awards and aid for incoming students is around $20,000, and 80 percent of that is tuition, or $16,000. Without a Tuition Guarantee and with a 6 percent hike each year, that $16,000 becomes $16,960, then $17,978, then $19,056. The Tuition Guarantee will have saved you almost $6,000 over that period. And Hiram’s tuition ranks with the lowest among schools in the North Coast Athletic Conference.



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2012-2013 Tuition

  • Freshmen: $29,065*
  • Sophomores: $28,000*
  • Juniors: $26,435*
  • Seniors: $26,435*

* Tuition for students enrolling at Hiram under the Tuition Guarantee will remain the same through the student's fourth year.

The average projected Hiram College institutional scholarship and grant awards for students who entered Hiram fall of 2011 was $16,000.