Study Abroad

Twenty-nine percent of Hiram's Class of 2011 participated in a Study Abroad program, and some more than one. The attraction is obvious, but more than that is our approach.

At most institutions, the opportunity to study in a foreign land has only a tenuous relationship with the school, with the details left up to a third-party provider. Study Abroad at Hiram is in-house —our staff shapes it with student input, guides it through experiential pursuits and fortifies it by securing safe passage.

From B to Z — Bhutan to Zambia — students can choose between 3-week and 12-week programs offered through six to eight programs in a school year, and Hiram has exchange agreements in place with universities in Italy, Japan and Turkey.


Recent Trips

Dominican Republic (Summer 2011)

China (Spring 2011)

Zambia (Fall 2010)

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Upcoming Trips:

  • Zambia - Fall 2012 3-week
  • Caribbean Sea - Fall 2013 3-week

Upcoming Deadlines:

  • China - Spring 2013 3-week - Oct. 12, 2012
  • Italy - Spring 2013 3-week - Oct. 12, 2012
  • Ireland - Spring 2013 3-week - Oct. 12, 2012