Centers of Distinction

Think of the Centers as something from which a student’s course of study draws enriching sustenance. Class. Book. Study. Repeat? At Hiram, it has never been about that.

Broadly, the Centers encompass medicine, writing, ethics, public service, science, conservation and entrepreneurship — and they are rife with opportunities for academic and personal growth. Internships. Workshops. Speakers. And more. By the score, in each of the Centers.

They are both an umbrella for certain disciplines and a burst of sunlight for all disciplines, where one can intensively study the known and unknown and deeply ponder life’s imponderables. But they are also eminently practical, helping grow the student into a savvy and versatile 21st century job seeker.

The Centers bring to bear bright minds, innovative methods and bold ideas for the determined careerist, the unquenchable intellectual or the simply curious. Coming soon is a Center dedicated to our commitment to global reach, where our vaunted Study Abroad program reaches for an exciting new level.


What are Centers of Distinction?

Centers of Distinction are not the same as academic departments. They connect education to work.

The programming and opportunities (speaker series, learning communities, internships, service learning, scholarships) derived from each Center are open to Hiram students from any major.

Each Center does, however have academic majors and minors that are closely affiliated with them if students which to connect to them more intensively as part of their plan of study.

» Annual Genomics Academy for area high school students
» National recognition for undergraduate involvement in genomics research

» Hosts idea competitions, providing start-up money for student entrepreneurs
» Facilitates student-run businesses

» Provides resources for undergraduate and faculty research at the Field Station
» Hosts speakers on wildlife, conservation and sustainability.

» Programming based on an annual ethics theme, such as civility, hunger or war
» Facilitates "ethics across the curriculum"

» Blends scientific study of medicine with the humanities
» Hosts an annual summer symposia, gathering scholars from around the world

» Holds a wide range of student writing contests throughout the year
» Hosts a Visiting Writers series, with talks and book signings by well-known authors

» Conducting research on young voter moods leading up to the 2012 election
» Hosts a seminar series with high-profile speakers

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